Web Actions

Blindata allows the definition of actions aimed at communicating with endpoints external to the platform, in order to integrate services or receive otherwise unreachable data. Web Actions allow users to interact with web browsers and automate tasks related to web elements. This simplifies repetitive tasks and saves valuable time. Webhooks, on the other hand, are event notification messages automatically sent in response to specific events. This allows for real-time communication between Blindata and other applications, further improving operational efficiency.

Together, web actions and webhooks offer numerous benefits, including task automation, real-time communication, and increased efficiency. The functionality requires the Blindata Agent to function and can only be defined by the managers of the latter (those who have AGENTS_ADMIN permission).

A web action represents an action that can be performed by a user with appropriate permissions on a specific resource. In Blindata, the master data of the action is defined, while in Blindata Agent the necessary configurations for the execution of the actions are defined. Each web action is associated with a page on which it must be present, with possible limitations due to:

  • Permissions
  • Teams
  • Custom rendering rule