Blindata Agent


Blindata Agent is a component of Blindata platform. has the task of connecting Blindata with the source systems to collect metadata. Through the agent you can automate much of the metadata collection tasks and the execution of data quality probes. Available as a separate component, it can coexist in the main Blindata instance or it can be installed separately.

Architecture overview

Blindata Agent can be installed separately on potentially different networks opening the possibility of hybrid deployment. Agent Architecture


Terms Definitions
Tenant The agent supports a multi tenant architecture. To each blindata tenant it can match a tenant on the agent. The association between a blindata tenant and an agent tenant is carried out through an operation called pairing and which is described in the following paragraphs.
Connection A connection for the agent represents credentials for accessing an external system. Connections within the agent are identified by name and typically they consist of a url, a username and a password.
Job A job represents an activity which is carried out by the agent for metadata extraction. There are various types of supported jobs such as metadata crawling, data classification and data quality probes. Jobs can be executed on demand or scheduled.
Scheduling A scheduling represents the definition of a persistent job that can be run automatically periodically. The agent provides all the features for scheduling management and their monitoring.
History & log Blindata Agent offers monitoring functionality and audit. The history of all scheduled and on demand performances is recorded. The detailed execution log for identification is available for each execution to identify any problems and/or errors.