Use Connectors To extract Metadata

This section is intended for all the connectors that enable the extraction of Data Catalog metadata from target systems.

The Crawling feature allows you to populate the Data Catalog metadata starting from target systems, typically relational databases or with JDBC support. An appropriately configured Blindata Agent instance is required to set up the metadata crawling jobs.

Crawling works through two strategies:

  • SQL: through the extraction and analysis of the metadata present on the catalogs of the target systems

  • JDBC DRIVER: by reading and analyzing the metadata offered by the system’s JDBC driver

Depending on the needs and the type of system, one or the other strategy may be useful. Both are configurable in queries that extract data.

Blindata also allows enabling the extraction of Data Catalog metadata from target systems that are not relational databases or do not support JDBC.


Terms Definitions
Crawling Crawling is the process of extracting catalog metadata. That is, the set of tables, views and related columns in the case of a relational database.
Job Definition It is the definition of a job inside the agent. A Job can be of type CRAWLING.
Run It is the execution of a Job Definition. It can be launched manually or scheduled.