Web Hooks

Web Hooks within Blindata represent a sophisticated mechanism for automating interactions and communication with external applications. These hooks serve as intelligent messengers, delivering real-time updates based on specific events, all without requiring manual intervention from the user.

In the context of Blindata, users can precisely define how events trigger these hooks. This includes specifying the resource type, event type (such as creation, modification, or deletion), and additional match attributes that serve as conditions for triggering the event.

The Web Hook functionality offers a dynamic and customizable approach to event-driven automation. By seamlessly integrating with external systems, Blindata users can optimize processes, enhance system-wide awareness, and streamline workflows. This capability is especially valuable in scenarios where immediate responses to data changes or system events are critical for operational efficiency and decision-making.

Furthermore, the Web Hook feature aligns with Blindata’s commitment to providing users with comprehensive control over their data ecosystem. Through this automation tool, organizations can tailor notifications and responses, fostering a more agile and responsive data governance framework within Blindata.

It is possible to define how the event should be triggered, with the ability to determine:

  • Resource Type : the type of resource in which we want the event to be available
  • Event Type: what type of event, which could be a creation, modification, or deletion
  • Match Attributes: additional attributes necessary to trigger the event