Issue Management


Experience seamless coordination of tasks and activities within your data governance team with Blindata Issue Management. Whether you’re establishing workflows, assigning roles, monitoring progress, or resolving data quality concerns, Blindata Issue Management provides comprehensive support. Additionally, it effortlessly integrates with other Blindata modules, offering a holistic data governance solution.

Effectively track and manage data problems and alerts with Blindata Issue Management. Easily create and tailor issues for various data challenges, assign them to yourself or team members, and associate them with specific data sources. Implement an Issue Policy to automatically generate issues when data irregularities occur or to ensure the ongoing integrity of your data governance framework.

The Issue Management module encompasses functionalities to define, monitor, assign, and organize issues. Seamlessly integrated across all Blindata modules, users can create issues within every resource found in the Business Glossary and Data Catalog. The integration with the Data Quality module further facilitates support for remediation activities.


In order to understand this documentation, the following definitions are provided:

Terms Definitions
Resource A resource represents a specific Object within Blindata. Each module manages its own type of resources.
Issue An issue represents the reporting of a problem or a request that requires work from a competent person for its resolution.
Campaign A campaign is a collection of issues united by one or more elements.
Policy A policy defines rules for the automatic creation of issues against certain specified rules.