Team Management

Team Management

Each person within a team is assigned a specific set of privileges, dictating their level of access for reading, writing, proposing changes, and approving them.

Team Structure and Resource Management

Within Blindata, resources can be designated as belonging to a particular team. This structure mirrors the organization of folders within a file system. Placing a resource within a team entails managing it through the privileges associated with that team. This approach ensures streamlined access and control over data, restricting visibility and operational capabilities to team members only.

Defined Privileges within Teams

The following privileges can be defined within a team:

  • Read: This privilege enables users to view the resources allocated to the team.

  • Write: Users with this privilege can create, modify, or delete resources within the team.

  • Propose: Users possessing this privilege can suggest changes or new resource creations within the team.

  • Approve: This privilege empowers users to approve proposed changes made within the team.