User Management


To operate within Blindata, a user account is required. Users can access Blindata using the authentication methods described in this section. Users can be associated with one or more tenants to define their authorized operational scope.

Additionally, resources and individuals can be organized into teams. Each person within a team is assigned a set of privileges for reading, writing, proposing, and approving. An user in Blindata represents a user account within the instance, consisting of a username, password, a set of permissions, and associated tenants. A single user can be associated with one or more tenants, each with a set of permissions.


Term Description
Tenant A workspace in Blindata that stores data separately from other tenants. Multiple tenants can exist in the same installation.
User An account in Blindata consisting of a username, password, permissions, and associated tenants.
Resource An object in Blindata, managed by each module, on which user permissions can be defined.
Permission A type of operation allowed for a user, set at the tenant or instance level through the Application Scope.