Data Lineage Introduction

This section of the Blindata user guide focuses on essential aspects of data lineage management. Divided into three subsections, it covers key functionalities to help you effectively handle, visualize, and analyze your data lineage within the Blindata platform.

Understanding Dataflows

Explore the building blocks of data lineage – dataflows. Learn how to manage them efficiently, either through manual edits or automatic imports. Understand the role of the Dataflow Registry in centralizing and tracking these crucial components.

Lineage Visualization Options

Delve into the diverse visualization tools available. Understand how to present data lineage charts from different perspectives, including tables, fields, scripts, or routines. Learn to use custom filtered visualizations to tailor displays to specific requirements.

Impact Analysis

Discover how to conduct impact analyses using Blindata’s embedded tools. This process involves tracing data flow through organizational systems and applications to assess potential impacts of data changes. Blindata facilitates impact analyses using the DataFlow graph and metadata from the Data Catalog and Business Glossary, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of potential data changes.

Navigate through each subsection to master the intricacies of dataflows, visualization options, and impact analysis, enabling you to harness the full potential of Blindata’s data lineage capabilities.